The Painted Tree Shops in the Champions Zone feature hundreds of local artisans and craftspeople



The Champions Zone location has approximately 170 vendor booth locations. (Hannah Zedaker / Community Impact Journal)

When customers enter the former Royal Palace in the Champions Zone which is now home to Painted Tree Boutiques, they may be surprised to find the stalls of over 150 local business owners, artisans and craftspeople.

“It’s not a flea market, and it’s not a garage sale; it’s boutique shopping, ”said assistant manager Mary Joseph.

Painted Tree Boutiques is a unique concept that Joseph says provides local business owners who could not otherwise afford a traditional brick and mortar storefront a physical space to showcase their craft.

Vendors can rent kiosks on an annual basis, while Painted Tree Boutiques staff take care of kiosk maintenance, customer support, and transactions. Many vendors, Joseph said, only come once a week to restock their stalls, allowing them to continue hosting other craft markets and shows.

“We have two types of sellers: people who have never been in business before and seasoned business owners who had been in commercial real estate before but the overhead was killing them and they still wanted to be in business. Joseph said. .

With the Painted Tree model, Joseph said suppliers don’t have to worry about the costs associated with facility maintenance, safety, and personnel and can instead focus on their products.

“We are extremely diverse,” said Joseph. “I think there is something here for everyone; there are very few things we don’t wear.

Products from vendors at Painted Tree boutiques range from jewelry made from antique porcelain and lamps made from musical instruments to hand-sewn children’s clothing, local honey, and even furniture.

“It’s like Christmas here every day because we see new things all the time because the vendors are not very stocked,” Joseph said. “It’s a very boutique shopping, and the experience should be one where it’s not just about ordinary products, you can get it anywhere.”

Since opening on FM 1960 in February, the 170-stall market has already cultivated a waiting list of vendors, Joseph said. While Painted Tree Boutiques has around 25 locations already open or planned in the United States, including three in the Greater Houston area, Joseph said no two markets are the same.

“You can go to any painted tree and you won’t see the same thing because of the local vendors,” Joseph said. “We want to make it interesting for the customer.

Painted tree shops

5407 FM 1960, Houston


Hours: 10 am-8pm every day



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