SGT implements extreme deflation as the most effective way to deal with a financial downturn


SGT has passed the security audits of two security audit institutions

SGT (also known as Simple Goal), an innovative decentralized finance project, burned 30 trillion tokens, causing extreme deflation of SGT and promoting it as the best solution to the global financial downturn.

The SGT ecosystem is dedicated to a decentralized economic model so that each member of their community benefits from it. To cause deflation and increase the value of SGT, tokens are burned. Because it reduces market circulation, this deflationary mechanism would help reduce selling pressure to a large extent. The cycle between SGT transactions and the burning mechanism helps increase the value of the token, which benefits SGT holders.

The supply of traditional financing can sometimes be out of control. For example, in 1929, the financial industry in the United States suffered heavy losses, followed by a stock market crash, which caused an economic crash. The Great Depression lasted ten years following the economic crash, with businesses closing and real estate collapsing. The main reason for this is that information from various economic entities in the traditional financial offering is siled and not shared among them. Performance risks are also managed inefficiently, making it easier for the economy to collapse in the event of financial instability.

SGT aims to integrate the best technology into financial systems to help all market participants trust each other and maintain a better financial environment, but it is also important to note that the issue of value appreciation in the framework of extreme finance requires extreme deflation in order to protect .

SGT is an economic model developed by economists and mathematicians which is based on the gold standard monetary system and a deflation mechanism to help everyone survive the Kangbo cycle recession. The smart contract is fully open-source, SGT creates the world’s most advanced commercial deflation model, the total global emission is 210 trillion, the estimated destruction rate is 99.9999%, and 2.1 million SGT will be saved at the end.

SGT is committed to creating a secure, efficient, fair and profitable financial ecosystem. The address of the burning mechanism is public and the smart contract is used to help establish trust in the ecosystem. It is safe to say that the extreme deflation of the innovative SGT has piqued the interest and recognition of the “Whales” cryptocurrency. Additionally, SGT has passed security audits from two security audit institutions, and SGT is well positioned to increase its value in 2022.

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