Here are 3 ex-dividend ASX financial stocks this week


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It’s been a big week for some of the ASX’s dividend investors. I’m not talking about S&P/ASX 200 Index (ASX:XJO) painful 1.1% drop so far today. But rather, how many ASX stocks are going ex-dividend this week.

We have already discussed Transurban group (ASX: TCL) upcoming dividend, as well as Rural Funds Group (ASX: RFF) the fluctuations of the ex-dividend on Wednesday. But here are three more ASX 200 stocks going ex-div this week.

3 ASX 200 shares are trading ex-dividend this week

Magellan Global Fund (ASX: MGF)

Magellan Global Fund is the flagship investment fund of Magellan Financial Group Ltd. (ASX:MFG). It aims to achieve a net return of 9% per year by investing in “20 to 40 of the best global stocks in the world”. Magellan Global Fund pays a dividend distribution twice a year.

His final payment will be 3.66 cents per share, duty-free, and will be distributed on July 21. The fund will trade ex-dividend against this payment on Friday, July 1. So don’t be surprised if we see a drop in the Magellan Global Fund’s share price over the weekend. At the current price, Magellan Global shares have a dividend yield of 5.55%

Royal Investment Fund (ASX: RF1)

Another ASX investment fund in Regal Investment Fund is as follows. Regal focuses on alternative investments with little correlation to broader markets. He uses techniques such as short selling and investing in hedge funds to achieve outperformance. Regal also pays a dividend twice a year.

His last payment will be the final, unstamped dividend of 24.5 cents per share that investors will receive on August 22. Regal shares will be exchanged ex-dividend for this payment tomorrow (June 30). This will give units of the Regal Investment Fund a yield of 10.61% on current prices.

Liberty Financial Group Ltd (ASX: LFG)

Liberty Financial Group is our last part to check out. This ASX financial share is a provider of home loans, business loans and other financial products. Liberty Financial shares went ex-dividend today for the company’s upcoming final dividend payment.

This will be worth 28 cents per share, unstamped, and will be paid on August 31. As expected with an ex-dividend date, shares of Liberty fell 6.51% today to $4.02 per share at the time of writing. That gives Liberty Finacial shares a dividend yield of 12.19% right now.


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