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Kid 606 Studio Albums

Combining elements of many different music styles into new songs without being ostentatious is the character of kid 606 Studio albums. Without losing the joy and energy of the driving beats and adjusting into any trendy genre, the music of kid606 studio is so much fun in the first place. Read on to know more.

Some of the most well known studio albums of Kid 606 are:

Down with the Scene
This is the second of the kid606 studio albums by the Electronic music artist as well as the first full-length album for Ipecac Recordings. Released in 2000, with 555 recordings, the album song titles have many musical references.

GQ on the EQ++
Released in 2000, GQ on the EQ++ is one of the studio albums of Kid 606, consisting of songs by the electronic music artist and is an expanded edition of his EP GQ on the EQ.

PS I Love You
This kid 606 Studio album of 2000 is the third album by the music artist and the first full-length for Mille Plateaux. Unlike the preceding Kid 606 albums, this one is not a volley of noisy techno but more of a ambient based album.

PS You Love Me PS You Love Me is a re-mix of songs by the artist Kid 606 in 2001. As his second full-length for Mille Plateaux, this studio album of Kid 606 comprises of some original tracks.

The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You the Fucking Jams
Released in 2002,the kid606 studio albums is a collections of songs by the artist and is made by splicing songs together downloaded from p2p devices.

Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You
Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You in 2003 is a kid 606 Studio album which was released on vinyl by Tigerbeat6 and on compact disc on Ipecac.

Who Still Kill Sound?
In 2004, Who Still Kill Sound? is one of the kid606 studio albums released on Tigerbeat6. The first track illustrates the dialogue from the film Boogie Nights.

Resilience, another of the kid 606 albums was released on Tigerbeat6 in 2005.

Pretty Girls Make Raves
Released on Tigerbeat6, in 2006, this kid 606 Studio album is a parody of both a song by The Smiths and the indie band Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Shout At The Döner
This kid 606 Studio album, released on Tigerbeat6, is separated into four movements, with a remixes of the songs "Be Monophobic With Me", "Samhain California", and "Baltimorrow's Parties" appear on the "Be Monophobic with me ep".

Songs About Fucking Steve Albini
Released on Important Records, 2010, another of the kid606 studio albums has samples used from analog sources.

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