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About Kid 606 Splits

Working on a number of other collaborative projects, the recordings of kid 606 splits have been a highlight of the growing American indie electronica scene. Miguel’s lack of seriousness regarding "intelligent techno" is quite obvious in his attitude as well as his recordings. The purpose behind this article is to review kid606 splits.

Listed below are som well know splits Kid 606:

Split Compact Disc with Lesser
Including six tracks by Lesser and ten by Kid-606, the Split Compact Disc makes for the best album released by either producer. Released in1998, while Lesser's portion is a volley of electronica and perfect for listeners with no attention span, Kid 606 part focuses on mangled breakbeat assaults and lo-fi sampler experimentation.

Unamerican Activity EP with Omni Bot
Released in 1998, this splits Kid606 exploded onto the UK scene with many superb releases. The innovative explosive beats constantly change and are successful in holding the listener’s interest at all time. Under a number of monikers, this splits Kid 606 is a must purchase of 2000.

Disc with Matmos and Jay Lesser
Released on Vinyl Communications, in 1999, the new kid 606 splits from Matmos finds the vibrant duo taking a holiday from conceptual responsibility. Using no microphones were the only creative restrictions employed this time. The lighthearted "cosmic pop" record is made wholly out of synthesizers.

Kid606 and Friends
A collection of collaborations and remix efforts, this among the kid606 splits was released in 2001 by Tigerbeat6. With mind-melting transformations, the end results are a merrily chaotic treat, with sonics twisted in unimaginable ways. Whatever the exact source of all the tracks, each of the participants brings his own particular style to the table. Some definite highlights are Lexaunculpt's revamp of "Don't Sweat the Technics" and "My Kitten".

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