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Kid 606 EPs

Returning to the green pastures of an earlier era in electronic music, the kid 606 EPs reflect the sensitive side of Miguel As the calm following the storm, these kid606 EPs given the proper amount of exposure, other than the intense, high-energy workout and a frantic pace of his earlier music. Read on to know more about EPs of Kid 606.

Listed below are some well known EPs of Kid606:

Dubplatestyle EP remixes
Released on Vinyl Communications in 1999, under the electronic genre, the style of this among the kid 606 EPs is noisy and experimental.

GQ on the EQ EP
With 555 recordings and released in 2000, this kid606 EPs pulled together unreleased tracks and went on to become a full-on rarities collection.

The Soccergirl EP
Another of the EPs of Kid 606 released by Carpark in 2000, the Soccergirl displays a tranquility which was as shocking as any of Kid606's harsh gabber. With his signature shards of white noise Miguel proves just how much of a big- hearted softie he really is.

Why I Love Life EP
Reflecting the sensitive side, as one of the EPs of Kid606, How I Love Life is a collection of 7 tracks, released on Tigerbeat6, in 2002.

The Illness
The Illness, originally planned as a teaser single, sprawls out into a full-force EPs of Kid606, in its prime form. Easily standing alone as a solid release, it is very unlike the madness of the artists past few releases. It was released by Tigerbeat6 in 2008.

Die Soundboy Die
This new kid 606 EPs- Die Soundboy Die, is supposed to be going strong with the heavy beats. Miguel sounds a bit more generic as time goes on, but this EPs of Kid 606 is darker and bassier. It was released by Tigerbeat6, 2008.

Dance With The Chorizo EP
Released by Tigerbeat6 in 2009, this kid 606 EPs consists of remixes of songs from his album Shout At The Döner.