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New Album By Kid 606

Kid606 has performed all around the world many times over and entertained with his uniquely reckless and beautiful music. All shades of Electronica, punk, jungle, hiphop, bass, dancehall and techno, can be seen in the music of Kid 606. Let us take a look at the new album by kid 606.

At the millennium rolled, it was common to see Kid 606 name appearing frequently in post-techno review sections and new release bulletins. Violently remaking European electronic innovations and opening the window to a restless post-teen imagination, the highly original productions of kid606 music helped define the edgy and confrontational styles that are now common in modern music production. The latest album by kid 606 "Shout at the Döner" in late April is easily his most proficient record to date.

If you listen to the new album by kid606, it will definitely make you cooler than those who haven’t. While retaining his early hip-hop influences, Shout at the Döner is a return to the bent pop-techno sound which he helped to forge. Miguel, the plucky Venezuelan laptop guru has been carving old school hits long before Gregg "Girl Talk" Gillis bought his first Technotronic record.

As Miguel gracefully drifted between the extremes of his early ambient works and schizophrenic masterpiece, the variety of his musical life became even more apparent. Kid606 new album - Shout at the Döner, is a pure old-school electronic journey. The music is humbly based around the beat, without any pressure produced by the cool bean scene. You can close your eyes and dance or open your ears and shout along. But you will always get the unexpected from the new album by kid 606. "Samhain California" ia a winner all the way bringing the right kind of bounce. The lead single "Mr. Wobble's Nightmare" even sees the kid 606 music returning to some of the earlier familiar samples. "It Takes Two,” track is a creepy retelling of a rave Donner party tragedy. Closing the latest album by kid 606 on a perfect note, "Good Times" conveys what it promises, the bobbing beat leaping over a rickety guitar with faint acid synths.

Shifting the mood from jolly to creepy, really, that's what the new album by kid606 is all about. A transcendent mixture of joyful absurdity and the darkness tearing at the edges, it may become a little overwhelming even for who are almost solely to electronic music.