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Kid 606- An Enfant Prodige Of Electronica

Kid 606, inspired by hardcore techno, indie punk, noise rock, with a moderate dose of heavy metal, is dedicated to bringing unique music in this beautiful world. Are you looking for a complete guide on kid 606 music? Then look no further, for you have just reached one of the best online resources on Kid606.

Kid 606 is the stage name of Miguel Trost De Pedro, an electronic musician. What is interesting about the Miguel Kid 606 is the lack of seriousness regarding "intelligent technoā€¯, which is well evident in his attitude as well as his recordings. Although his music is similar to the work of his friend and colleague Lesser, he is primarily inspired not by his electronic contemporaries, but by his love of the Industrial music.

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News Posted on 07/15/2010 03:00 PM

About Kid 606 - With An Intro To Kid 606 & His Music

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Reviewing The Joy And Energy Of The Driving Kid 606 Studio Albums

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